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Eligibility & Enrollment

Veterans Health Care benefits are administered through the Veterans Health Administration and its 22 Veterans Integrated Service Network offices.  If you have already enrolled in the VA Health Care System and are looking for a facility in your area, follow this link to the VA Facility Locator interactive map and make your selection.

If you have not enrolled, you must do so. Your character of service, disability status and income establish your Eligibilty for enrollment. The first step in the enrollement process is to obtain your discharge (or DD 214), fill out a 1010-EZ (financial disclosure) and make an appointment with VA Medical Center staff.  Once you have enrolled you will be placed in one of 8 priority groups.

The basic health care package available through the VA includes an extensive range of serivces; from preventive care to major medical procedures such as bone marrow transplant.  Not all enrolled veterans are eligible for all services, and certain priority groups are required to make copayments, therefore, it is imperative that each and every veteran enroll and take full advantage of the medical care we earned while serving our country. 

The current VA benefits handbook is 150+ pages, discusses all VA benfits (education, home loan, dependent care etc.) and is available by clicking here.  A printable pdf version can be downloaded here.