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For 2019 And Beyond

VUA released plans for several new initiatives during 2019 and beyond; along with expanding our very successful Veterans Health Benefits Seminars (VHBS) and Veterans Entrepreneurial Training Seminars (VETS) programs.


Starting in the summer of 2019 we will begin to develop and build a Post Traumatic Stress Mitigation Ranch in central New Mexico.  This project has been brewing for a while.  In 2015 we acquired the right of use to a substantial parcel of ranch land ranging from 20 acres up to 110 acres.  One of our members, an avid golfer, dubbed  it "110 acres of sand trap".  

The VA National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has proven through clinical trials that there are four effective treatment regimens that can completely defeat PTS (we hate the D).  The primary stumbling block is getting veteran and support group to take advantage of the free treatment offered by VA.

We will bridge the gap between PTS sufferers and VA Clinicians - in a non-threatening, relaxing environment of sun, cows, bunking or "glamping" (glamour camping) - and the veteran (support group too) giving the treatment program a try.


The summer of '19 will also see us expand our Entrepreneurial Training into new regions nationally; starting in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Arkansas.  We have more than two and a half decades of hands on entrepreneurial training, and after five plus years of working closely with the SBA in Indiana and Illinois, it's time to take the program on the road.


Our entrepreneurial training experience led us to attempt a similarly structured Home Buyer Program.  We will bring veteran and spouse into a group setting where they will meet and here a formal presentation centered on looking for, qualifying for, and buying a home for the first time.

They will hear from home inspectors, credit evaluators, realtors, mortgage lenders, title agents and of course, VA people who know the VA Loan Guaranty program and process.


We are in jeoporady.  For two or three decades we have been shouting past each other not talking to each other.  The shouting has gotten louder and the civility we once enjoyed has all but diappeared from public discourse.  As veterans we have a deeper sense of bond between and among us.  No doubt we can argue, fight and even brawl, but at our core, the bond remains. 

We have social, economic and political issues that we Must Face.  By mid-summer we will have a blog/forum in place with only two rules:  No F Bombs (in other words, be civil, respectful and polite) and no ad hominem personal attacks simply because you disagree with the person's point of view.  The forum will be open to all points of view and no one will be censored because they espouse  a marginalized point of view. 

We need More Speech, not censorship.  Look for the blog/forum, log on, and be heard.


We have reinstituted our National Public Service Announcement Capmpaign.  Post Traumatic Stress is becoming a larger focus within the Veterans Administration and we want help get the word out.  Each broadcast radio outlet nationally will receive a request from us via email and/or fax to air our PSA declaring: real help and treatment is available.

Free counseling is  already in place at the more than 300 VetCenters across the US and our four island territories.  The How To and Where to take advantage of the help are listed on the VA's National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder web page. 

Counseling for Global War on Terror veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress is absolutely free for the veteran and their family  support group.