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Working Ranch in New Mexico

PTSD creates real obstacles for many veterans when moving back into work and family life after leaving the military.  But the obstacles are by no means permanent.  The VA National Center for PTSD has published data that states certain treatment regimens can put a veteran's PTSD into complete remission and entirely eliminate any symptoms. 

The key is simple!  The veteran or his or her support group must seek the help.  We want to making asking for help easy and non-threatening.   We acquired the rights to 117.52 acres of ranch land in central New Mexico with an option for 83 more (phase 2) and a final 316 more (phase 3) for a total of 516 acres.  

Because most veterans with PTSD don't know how to get help, let alone that they can be completely free of all symptoms, they often do nothing, or worse, self medicate.  We want to bring a few veterans at a time to our ranch and let them talk to  a VA or VetCenter Counselor about the program, learn how it works and what to expect - in a calm, relaxed and non-threatening environment of sun, horses and cows.  No phones.  No television.  No rat race.  And most important, no pressure.
This will be a fully functioning, working cattle ranch when up and running, but for now it is just land - no water - no electricity - no structures.  We have our work cut out for us.

Hard Work produces Good Luck!