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Our Primary Focus for 2018 will not change - VETS (Veterans Entrepreneurial Training Seminars) and Veterans' Health.

VETS During SBA Week 2018
We have agreed to partner with the U S Small Business Administration District Office in Indianapolis and conduct a Veterans Etrepreneurial Training Seminar During SBA Week - November 5 through November 9.

Details are very preliminary, but the goal is to have our VETS in northwest Indiana.  it is penciled in for the Lake Station, on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Check back periodically for more details as they become available.

Veterans Health
Although enrolling in the VA Health Care System is the first step any veteran must take,  and we will continue to encourgae veterans to visit a VAMC to enroll, we will be exerting the majority of our effort in 2018 to publicize the need for veterans to seek help for Post Traumatic Stress.  We agree with former President George W. Bush and have opted to drop the D of disorder.

Veterans with the invisible woulnds of war, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTS, are often very reluctant to step forward and seek help.

Real help for Post Traumatic Stress is available through the Veterans Administration and its more than 300 VetCenters nationally.  Help can also be sought at the VA PTSD Program Centers.

Post Traumatic Stress can be totally defeated for many who seek treatment.  Many others who  follow through on treatment will reduce the syptoms to the point that they no longer can be diagnosed as having PTS(D).

Here are two short testimonial videos, one from Psychologist Thad Strom, PhD, who treats PTS patients and the other from a soldier who got treatment for PTS.