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Ron Wilson, President of the Hamilton County Veterans asked if we would hold a Veterans Health Benefits Seminar in Noblesville, Indiana after attending the Fourth Annual Seminar in Speedway.  We accepted the invitation and settled on November 4th as the date and the National Guard Armory as the venue.
Noblesville Chief of Police Kevin Jowitt - Click to Enlarge
Our host, The Hamilton County Veterans invited the Noblesville Chief of Police, Kevin Jowitt to make  a few opening remarks.  Chief Jowitt took the  opportunity to welcome the veterans who attended,  and with Veterans day just a week away, thank them  for their service to our country.  
The turnout was exceptional.  We had 86+ veterans hear from Social Security, Veterans Administration, National Cemetery Administration, Indiana Veterans Home, State Health Insurance Assistance Program and County Veterans Service Officer.  

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In the middle of everything was Lynn Epperson, HCV Secretary, who manned the sign-in table and saw to it that everyone signed in, picked up a name badge and got a copy of the Seminar Packet.   We offer a special word of thanks to Lynn; she came early and stayed late - from setup to cleanup.

The morning opened with Wayne Long (HCV Treasurer) leading us in the Pledge and followed by Chief Jowitt.  Joy Seifert, Indianapolis VAMC Chief of Benefits, was the first speaker to take the podium and the morning concluded with Jay Kendall, Mami County Veterans Service Officer.  In between we heard from John W. Williams, Social Security, Larry Miller, SHIP State Trainer, Elfrieda Robinson, National Cemetery Administration and Antonio Stewart (and Melissa Durr), Indiana Veterans Home.