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   June 24, 2010
4th Annual Veterans Health Benefits Seminar
American Legion Post #500
Speedway, Indiana

The 4th Annual Veterans Health Benefits Seminar was a special mix of new faces and old friends.  

Our experience with the first three Seminars in Speedway taught us that the optimum number of Seminar guests for Legion Post 500 was 75 to 80.

We had 77 RSVP to attend, 15% were unable to attend and an unregistered walk-up of more than 20+ for a total of nearly 90 guests.

Limiting attendance to about 90 allowed each guest the opportunity to receive indiviualized and special attention from the speakers during the breaks.

Larry Miller from SHIP, Tom Hyatt from Veterans Funeral Care, Jennie Gatchell, Roudebush VAMC and Lori Turpin Hendricks County VSO spoke again this year.  There were some new faces too.  John Williams and Charo Boyd from Social Security, Tony Stewart and Tamara Coy from the Indiana Veterans Home and Michelle Mayer (below left in flowered blouse) of Attorney General Zoeller's Office all took the podium.  Ms. Mayer took some time during a break to answer specific questions on special issues.


The three ladies pictured above right, Donna Surrett, left, (Congressman Carson), Tresa Baker, center, (Congressman Burton) and Emmy Huffman, right, (Senator Lugar) have been at each of the three prior events in Speedway. When all other avenues fail, our elected officals are there to help, and these ladies are the first line of contact.