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August 19, 2010
Tri-State Ohio River Valley

Veterans Health Benefits Seminar
American Legion Post #265
Evansville, Indiana

The Tri-State Ohio River Valley Veterans Health Benefits Seminar was truly tri-state.  Veterans from Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois  took advantage of the opportunity to hear from federal, state and county representatives who set the record straight on the state of current veterans health benefits availability.

More than 65 veterans showed up on a very hot and humid August day on the Ohio River (94 temperature with humidity nearly as high) and dedicated a full morning listening to the experts.  


There was 'spirited' discussion (read that - hard questions requiring real answers) on Agent Orange disability rules and eligibility, the recent Federal Court decision, ischematic heart disease, brown water and blue water navy Vietnam service and more.  At one point, Ms. Bobette Franklin, Congressman Brett Guthrie's (R-Ky 2d District) veterans liaison, said that things were changing so rapidly that she was receiving weekly updates from the VA and Congress.

As always, the VA speakers did an excellent job. Martina Dunkerson (Social Security) and Kristin Hood (SWIRCA SHIP coordinator) presented a full and complete picture of how Medicare and its associated programs such as Medicare Part D can compliment the benefits veterans and their spouses receive through the VA or Tri-Care.  Thanks to all the speakers and their agencies that allowed them to be there.